Igor: The Paris Years

каждому дано не по уму
Забавная короткометражка 1982 года о Стравинском и Маяковском от братьев Куэй.

On his first visit to Paris, Mayakovsky (who always bellows through a megaphone) describes the rich diversity of artists overflowing its cafe terraces and spinning off into their own orbits. He visits Stravinsky in his apartment above a player-piano repair shop at 22 rue Rochechouart. Stravinsky has accepted a contract to transcribe his works on to piano rolls, thus preventing future distortions of his music. He plans multi-pianola compositions, and explains the machine's workings, with its paper roll and pneumatic motor (cut in shots show pianolist Rex Lawson playing the instrument). When Jean Cocteau calls, Mayakovsky rhapsodises about the pianola mechanising music, and images of its chains and cogs evoke a staid 'ballet mechanique'. But Cocteau insists on showing Mayakovsky Paris by night...

@темы: видео длиннее 30 мин., без перевода, Великобритания

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