Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies

каждому дано не по уму
Ещё одна психоделическая страшилка братьев Куэй.

Rehearsals for Extinct Sonorities is an alternate aural interpretation of the masterpiece film Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies by the Brothers Quay. Foley sounds in this interpretation were mostly recorded with a lo-fi microphone in a one bedroom apartment and are derived from everyday household items. Sound sources include scissors, paper, wires, chairs, pencils, radiators, hair, glasses, knives and more. The musical score deals with the resonances and electric ghosts of the original, although no samples from previously existing music were used.
This material was recorded and edited starting in September 2005 and continuing to January 2006 with as many major interruptions as there were months. All sound and music created by Xiphoid Dementia (Egan Budd), all visuals by the Brothers Quay.

Братья Куэй, Великобритания, 1987.

@темы: Великобритания, перевод не требуется

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